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Our customer focussed approach is aimed at providing your business with a bespoke and complete fleet solution, combined with the best advice, finance options, keen pricing and exceptional service.


Select a service below for a brief description but to find out more, call us on 01935 433330.

This is a no-obligation fact finding consultation which will provide you with an objective analysis to establish the most cost effective funding and management solution for your business.


Our appraisal will include the following areas and will show savings that can be made in terms of rentals, CO2 reductions, administration, and improve control of your vehicles and drivers:

  • Current driver levels/categories
  • Current pricing
  • Contract term & mileage
  • Vehicle makes/models
  • CO2 levels
  • Whole life costs

NCA will submit an appraisal review providing suggestions for cost reduction and enhancements to the running of your fleet.

The way in which you finance your vehicles is of paramount importance to your business an also to your employees.  NCA will assist you in selecting the most advantageous funding solution to suit your business’s needs.


The methods of funding cover financing to maintenance inclusive packages.  NCA will assist you in selecting the optimum method for you and your business, taking into consideration:

  • Tax advantages
  • Cash flow
  • Day to day running

The 5 funding methods commonly used are:

  • Contract hire
  • Finance lease
  • Contract purchase
  • Lease purchase
  • Personal contract hire

For further information on how these methods would differ specifically for your business, call us on 01935 433330.


At NCA, we have a wide range of finance providers. We compare prices from up to 6 different providers for each quotation. In doing so, we ensure that we obtain the best financing deal on each vehicle we supply to you.


As a business, you need to ensure that you obtain the most cost-effective rental for your vehicles. Having the time, expertise, and knowing where to look is not an effective use of your resources and that’s where we come in. We do it all for you.


By using our Finance Portfolio, we save you money by getting the best finance deal for your vehicle. We are not tied into one provider and therefore the more vehicles you have the greater the savings we can make for you.

This is a more comprehensive method of selecting the right vehicles for your fleet as it considers the associated running costs of a vehicle and not the rental alone.


WLC will include areas such as fuel consumption and associated costs, NI, tax restrictions.  NCA can provide you with a WLC analysis which will assist you in selecting the most cost-effective vehicles.

A greener fleet does not mean that you have to pay more. A well-planned strategy can save you money whilst making a contribution to the environment.


NCA’s experience can help you reduce your fleet costs. In turn, you can demonstrate to clients how you are taking those carbon footprint reduction steps, especially to the larger corporations and public sector as they become more environmentally focussed.

Contract management is a support service to assist your business and your drivers. This will relieve you of the cost and hassle of managing your vehicles and allow you to grow your business.


Our approach is designed to provide you with a bespoke packae that suits your business’s requirements. This is our first step in managing your fleet.


By tailoring such a package minimises the time you and your drivers spend on non-core activities allowing you to maximise your opportunities, thus eliminating the cost and hassle you would have had.


Contract management takes you through:

  • Quotations
  • Finance clearance
  • Vehicle ordering
  • Vehicle delivery
  • Vehicle collection
  • Fleet management & day-to-day administration

There are occasions when it is preferential to have a maintenance contract that is not through the finance provider or indeed it may be a finance agreement where one is not offered by the finance provider.  At NCA, we offer stand-alone maintenance contracts.


These can be on the basis of a fixed monthly payment to cover all scheduled servicing; routine mechanical repairs; replacement tyres, batteries etc; breakdown assistance.


Alternatively, it can be on a ‘pay on use’ basis, taking advantage of our network of maintenance outlets.

Our comprehensive range of vehicle suppliers means that we are always able to match the most competitive purchase price with the best of the finance providers.


Should you just wish to purchase your next vehicle, then let us quote you using our competitive purchasing terms through our dealer network.

When ordering your new vehicle through NCA, we will coordinate the delivery and collection logistics, freeing up your time.


We can deal directly with your driver if that is your preference. Vehicles ordered through NCA are delivered to mainland destinations, free of charge.

As an integral part of the service offered by NCA, we will manage the entire replacement process for you.


Initially, we contact you by letter to advise you when a contract vehicle is due for replacement.  This initial advice allows sufficient time for you and your driver to select the vehicle, to cover manufacturer lead-in times, credit underwriting, documentation and delivery.

End of contract vehicles are usually available for purchase before being returned to the finance provider.


Should your driver or another member of your staff be interested in purchasing a vehicle at the contract end, then we will be happy to assist with obtaining the purchase price and managing the sale.

When the time comes for you and your drivers to appraise a potential replacement, much time can be spent visiting dealers for test drives. NCA can assist with eliminating some of this ‘downtime’.


Should you have a requirement for a test drive, we are able to arrange such facilities through our contacts with the manufacturers and dealers. Manufacturer demonstration drives are normally for a few days at a time, thus ensuring that your driver has a full appraisal of the vehicle.

There will be occasions when a short-term hire vehicle is required. Through our rental partners we can cover your requirement.


Whether that’s a car for a day or perhaps one for a longer period whilst you have a new employee on a probationary period, NCA will source that vehicle for you including delivery and collection to your chosen destination.

Telematics installation can reduced costs and improve efficiency.


Some of the key benefits are:

  • Reduce fuel costs
  • Improve driver behaviour
  • Timesheet management
  • Optimise job allocations
  • Greater security for lone workers
  • Increased speed of recovery of stolen vehicles 

We can arrange fitting prior to delivery or at your premises. Additionally, you can either rent or buy, or even pay on use.

By providing regular mileage submissions to NCA, we can track your vehicle’s mileage against its contract and advise any action that needs to be taken.


This allows us to monitor your vehicle mileages so you don’t get caught out with end of contract excess mileage charges.


With regular mileage checks, we can advise whether or not any contract rescheduling is required. If your contract is under mileage, then a revision reflecting this will save you money. If your contract is over mileage, then again a revision for the remainder of the term will avoid a potentially large excess mileage charge at the contract end.

In the event of an incident, Accident Management can significantly reduce vehicle off-road days, administration and monitoring, leading to a reduction in fleet costs and minimising disruption.

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Registered in England & Wales No 4971940 

VAT Number: 824 4951 19
NCA Vehicle Management Limited is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Firm Reference Number 688099

Data Protection Licence Z8327853


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We are a broker and not a lender.

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